Why Adjustable Dumbbells are a convenient choice for weight training?

To curb the spread of COVID-19, the concept of home gyms had been on the rise. Having limited time, space and resources, expecting an ideal workout at home is kind if stretching the whole idea. However, if you wish to have one standard home gym equipment, then adjustable dumbbells should be a priority investment.  

Free weights allow the best muscle training, effective weight loss and exceptional functional strength. They take minimal storage space. In addition to that, they allow you to adopt a versatile workout regime offering a solid and comfortable grip. These are usually made of a steel bar with an extended metal that hold the free weights on both the sides.

These beautiful dumbbells are budget friendly compared to the regular luxury weights. They offer more versatility and therefore, their affordability makes them all the more an attractive choice for a home gym.

Even if you set up a relatively spacious home gym, storing a large number of dumbbells can be challenging.  With each passing day of working out, you build more muscle strength and would require heavier weights to increase the intensity. For this reason, you should continue to buy heavier dumbbells repeatedly. Contrary to this, there is an alternate solution. An adjustable dumbbell set takes up minimal space and allows you to work with a range of weight loads.

Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells

In this blog post, we will take a look at the myriad of advantages offered by these luxury weights. Moreover, you will be convinced to always invest in these luxury weights, if you wish to set up a home gym. These perks are mentioned below:

  • They save space

The adjustable dumbbells are an impeccable choice for weight training. They are made of removable discs and plates. This feature is exemplary as the entire set occupies the space of only two large dumbbells.

In addition to that, this luxury fitness equipment provides you the flexibility if changing the weight plates as required. They generally use a dial, pin or a lever. It doesn’t matter how heavy the plate is, these dumbbells allow an easy swap between the weights set with a plate.

  • Cost effective and Budget Friendly

Always remember: adjustable dumbbells are a one-time purchase. They are usually costly than a regular single pair of the weights, but the savings quickly add up when you start to require multiple sets.

Moreover, when you compare the total of weight options accessible in a set of adjustable dumbbells in contrast to how much it would cost to buying each set of these beautiful dumbbells individually, well, the cost savings start to really pile up.

  • Convenient and Easily Portable

The best thing about having your own home gym is the convenience. Furthermore, having your own personalized gym equipment acts like a cherry on top of cake. You don’t feel bound to always have to go to the gym to workout. These luxury weights give you the convenience to enjoy your workout from wherever you want. In contrast to your local gym, you can take a walk, go for a drive, or just go on trip with your gym equipment.

  • Customized with more weights

Dumbbells usually come in rounded weights, such as five pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds, and so on. With this adjustable luxury fitness equipment, you often can choose weights between these, such as 12.5 pounds and 27.5 pounds. 

Therefore, this unique benefit of adjustable dumbbells allows you to make strength progressions at a rate that might be more suitable to your abilities, helping you move past strength plateaus and get stronger.

  • Allow a Versatile Workout

These adjustable and beautiful dumbbells can be used for many exercises. They allow a full body workout. They also work different muscles than machines or barbells, including stabilizing muscles. You can definitely use this fitness equipment for aerobic and cardio exercises. Also, with some more weights, you can have your chance of a more efficient and effective metabolism.

Moreover, as opposed to other home gym machines, the dumbbell sets ensure resistance, especially during workouts with dynamic movements. Where other workout machinery restricts your movement, these dumbbells allow maximum mobility and struggle.

In addition to this, this luxury fitness equipment helps you build stronger muscles by allowing you to vary your resistance, speed, and movement levels during a workout.

  • Allow progressive weight loss

By increasing your weights on the dumbbells, you can enjoy a more progressive workout. If you have a limited set of dumbbells, you might not have enough challenging options to go the extra mile. Sticking with the same weights might interfere with your ability to keep progressing.

If you already have a heavier, more challenging weight available with the turn of a dial, you are perfectly set up to push yourself to new levels without delay, saving you time and frustration.

To enjoy a luxuriously benefiting workout, you must dig deeper and understand, how these adjustable weights work and what other way are there to go about them.

So if you are particular about strength training, then these adjustable luxury weights will always be a smarter choice. Moreover, their convenient storage adds to their versatile use. Their compact size makes them an accessible and handy luxury fitness equipment, so you’re ready to shed those stubborn kilos whenever and wherever you want.


Ette’s (Athletica) gold dumbbells are your premium adjustable weights. With their precision, you can enjoy a brilliant workout to shed your stubborn kilos. They are durable and reliable.

Additionally, in the hectic world of today, Ette’s dumbbells allow you to make best use of your time for improved workout efficiency. You get to tone your entire physique and in just a matter of few days you become as fit as a fiddle.

In conclusion, opt for this luxury gold dumbbells and benefit from the free time with a good, effective workout. If you’re working in an office or enjoy the luxury of remote working, you can take advantage of your free time with a couple of reps with these beautiful dumbbells and feel motivated and focused.

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