Create the Perfect Home Workout Space

With over 50% of people still opting to workout at home, it looks like this is a behaviour set to stay post-pandemic. At Ette Athletica we’re all here for it and have long been lovers of the home workout space – the flexibility, no waiting for equipment or worrying about whether that residue is cleaning fluid or sweat (eww!).

Now’s the time to invest some thought into curating the perfect area within your home to workout. We’ve pulled together some top tips to help you!

Create home workout space

Consider the equipment you need

For an effective workout, you actually don’t need that much equipment. It also depends on the type of workouts you prefer to do. Our top choices would be;


Of course, we would say this,  but seriously a few pairs of dumbbells can transform your workout. If you don’t have the space for a full set, opt for light, medium and heavy pairs so you can effectively cover a full body workout.


So useful to add resistance and they take up no space at all.

Invest in a mat

It sounds simple but we think this is really important. A good mat does so much for your workouts;

  • Absorbs the impact if it has good padding
  • Protects your floor from sweat or trainers
  • Creates your ‘zone’. You don’t need a huge amount of space and laying down a mat really defines it. It’s simple but effective.

Other Equipment

If you’re into Pilates, weighted ankle weights or a Pilates ring are a great addition. 

Kettlebells are brilliant but a heavy dumbbell held upright can be just as effective.

 perfect home workout space

Think about the space

The great thing about working out at home is that you can do it pretty much anywhere however we’d say that considering where before you lay your mat is key.


Whilst transforming your garage is great if you like an equipment-heavy workout, consider the temperature and environment – lots of garages don’t have windows or heating which doesn’t always make for the most appealing space.


Great to be doing a sweaty workout, but not so great if your whole road can see you doing it. Whilst it’s amazing to be working out, it can be off-putting if you lock eyes with a stranger walking past whilst you’re mid-rep!

Protecting your home

It’s worth noting that any high-impact workouts may be better on a solid floor so that the impact is absorbed. Equally, if you need space to stretch out you don’t want to accidentally knock anything over. 

Don’t overthink

One of the best things about working out from home is that there’s nowhere to go, no commute or walk to the gym. You can exercise in whatever the weather, whatever the time or day and wear whatever you want! We say, grab your mat, pull out your equipment and just go for it. You’ll never regret it.

Make it happy  

You need to love your movement to ensure you do it. We all have crazy, busy lives and it can be so easy to procrastinate when it comes to being active. Making your home workout space your happy space really helps. Light a scented candle, keep your cosy jumper and socks on until you warm up (we’re more than a little obsessed with our T Store sweatshirts here) and buy the equipment you genuinely like having around.

Movement is so special and has so many health benefits that we should honour it, respect it and cherish it.


Enjoy your workouts and embrace your home gym space!

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