Introducing Gold Weights

We know that it’s not just us who have become obsessed with gold and its pink counterpart, rose gold. We remember even 10 years ago that it was all about silver. Gold seemed traditional whilst silver was fresh and clean. How the tables have turned and we are oh so happy about it!

Beautiful Gold Weights

The warmth and depth of gold and rose are so appealing. When it came to selecting colours we couldn’t resist pursuing the production of gold weights. It just seemed like this world was so functional, so masculine and practical. The aesthetic wasn’t considered at all. The weights on the market were purely for working out and to be hidden away after each session. We all love metallic notes within our homeware, our clothing and accessories. Why couldn’t you have gold weights? Why not? 

Gold hand weights

Adding some luxe to Athleisure

 We trialled it and we of course fell in love with the results. It felt like we’d created a piece of jewellery, a mini sculpture, something we’d proudly display and show off. Times have changed so much, women now use weights within their workouts so much more than ever before. Athleisure is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The sale of trainers has overtaken the sale of heels and this was before the pandemic. Health is "in" and curating your workout space is something people consider now.

Rose gold handweights


We are huge fans of incredible activewear and how the best pair of leggings can make you feel incredible. We’ve found that the same is true of an incredible pair of dumbbells. They gleam away in the corner, motivating you and there’s nothing better than catching a glimpse of them in the mirror as you work out. They add glamour to your workout and a luxury note to your gym equipment.

Gold weights – we say why on earth not!


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