Luxury Gift Guide Recommends Ette Gold Dumbbells

Welcome to the Gold Standard 

We are delighted to be featured in the December 22 issue of Women’s Health. As this is the holy grail of UK fitness magazines we are thrilled to be recommended in this publication. Within the luxury gift guide, the WH team talk about their favourite items of the season to gift or treat themselves.

luxury gift guide for women


Luxury Gift Guide

Claire Sanderson, editor-in-chief of Women’s Health explains that since the lockdown she has found she’s become obsessed with her home gym. We’ve found this so much – so many people have ditched their gym membership and classes in favour of working out within their own space. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s one less barrier to getting that movement in. She also notes that "with my days getting busier than ever, the convenience of exercising at home means I get in more workouts without sacrificing precious time with my children."

Sanderson goes on to say that her impressive range of dumbbells ranging from 4-22kg and all have a similar black, chunky and masculine feel apart from her gleaming gold Etté weights. She says these are her "pride and joy" and they "shine like bullion among their dark counterparts."

The design of the dumbbells is also commented on, something we have worked hard to achieve. Most dumbbells are found with a textured handle to promote grip. This however can cause callouses, and sore hands and be really uncomfortable. Etté dumbbells have an ergonomic design with a smooth handle giving a much more comfortable lift.

Luxury that lasts a Lifetime

She notes that they’re firmly positioned at the luxury end of the market but that, of course, they will last a lifetime. We couldn’t agree more. These are weights you may lust after for some time, that you save up for or splurge on with your payday cheque, but they will last forever.

Sanderson’s parting comment is: 

"Functional and fabulous – I’m in love" - we couldn’t ask for higher praise.


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