Which dumbbell weight is best for me?

At Etté we are so often asked which weight is best, but the answer really depends on what you’re using it for, what exercise you’re doing and what you’re looking to achieve. It’s also so personal. One person’s 5KG may be another’s 10KG so it depends on where you are.

Whilst we can never really say what weight is best for you, we thought we’d run through our range and some of the most popular exercises done with each size.

which dumbbell weight to choose?

Which exercise is best for my hand weight size?

1KG weights

Perfect for a Barrecore workout, this weight seems light but add it into one of those workouts and it’s honestly a killer. We recommend following the all-time originals Barrecore for some inspiration.

2KG weights

Really simple but great for your shoulders. Raise one weight out in front of your holding onto each end, then drop each side down in turn as if you’re steering along a very windy road! Try this for 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off until your arms feel like they’re about to fall off! Top tip - keep those shoulders down.

3KG weights

It seems as if this exercise wouldn’t be so hard but try it and let us know how you get on. Standing up, arms down by your side with a weight in each, raise your arms out to the side, up to shoulder height and hold. Repeat for as many times as you can. That 3KG starts to feel more like 30KG before you know it!

4KG weights

When you switch up to a 4KG things start to shift up a gear. Our favourite exercise with this weight is a true core workout. Lie flat on your back, arms and legs stretched out, weights in hand. Then curl up, knees in, arms coming to your knees. Out again but without letting your arms and the weights touch the floor. And repeat. Hard but very satisfying and amazing for your core.

5KG weights

Our most popular size, by a long shot. The 5KG is a great all-rounder. It’s heavy enough to feel challenging for both arms and legs. Try a single-handed overhead tricep extension with one 5KG for the ultimate burn. Don’t forget to switch hands!

which hand weight is best for me?

6KG weights

Not an exercise to try on your first time but these are a real challenge and super rewarding. A simple bicep curl, slow and controlled on the way down and a powerful burst on the way up. Two-handed, 12KG total, this is a strong move.

7KG weights

We love adding a 7KG to a glute bridge. Place a weight on your front, at the base of your thighs and hold in place as your thrust up. Glute bridges are a great move anyway to build the glute muscle and with the added weight, these are brilliant.

8KG weights

One of our favourite moves – the rower. With one knee up on a bench (or chair/sofa/bed, whatever you have nearby), weight in the other hand, lean forward and bring your hand up, ensuring you squeeze your shoulder blade as you lift and lift your elbow as high as possible. Power on the lift and control on the release. Such a great move for your shoulders.

9KG weights

You either love them or hate them but a weighted Bulgarian split turns into a totally different move with a 9KG in one hand. Challenging to the extreme, this is a very effective move to build your glutes.

10KG weights

The heaviest in our range, the real deal. This is a heavy weight and we’re proud to say, it makes it into the top 5 most popular sizes. We have a strong community and we’re so happy about that. We love these weights on their own or if you’re feeling really strong, as a duo for weighted squats. Super resistance.

Let us know what works for you 

Let us know what you try and which size you love. Personally, we of course love a range of sizes so many of these moves will appeal. Maybe there’s a reason why people love to buy a small, medium, and large weight – a great cross-section for your workouts.

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