Why Fitness is a Long-term Game

Going against the January, “do it all in a month and then stop in February as it’s so unsustainable” grain, we champion the long-term game. Less flashy, no mega-enticing sales to lure people in, just the long-term lifestyle choice of movement.

gold hand weights for longterm fitness 

Why is it important to have this long-term view?

Let’s start with the fact that life has bumps, stresses and just a lot going on. Your motivation isn’t going to magically fall into place in one month. Especially when that month falls after a bout of potential overindulging, way less routine and probably less sleep.

So, you start your year with a bang but come day 10 you’re flagging. Maybe that’s just because it’s hard to constantly keep up an intense movement schedule. Your movement plans must flex to fit your life. For example, consider longer workouts on your mornings with slower starts (thank goodness for wfh days) and quick, more intense sessions squeezed in on busier days, or in your lunch breaks. Maybe a slow stretch session is just what you need before bedtime?

Succeed at longterm fitness by making lifestyle choices

When you’re looking at your movement goals as a lifestyle choice, find something that simply fits into your week. There’s less pressure. It allows you to adjust and adapt as life and your motivation ebbs and flows. When you’re on a strict plan it can so easily feel like a failure if you fall off it.

Movement is key to so many things. Happiness, a calm mind, a strong body, we find movement is always the answer. Busy day? Move to calm your mind and separate the workday from your evening. Bad day? Move to be mindful, focus on your workout and forget your day. Great start? Move to set your tone for the day. We could go on!

longterm fitness with beautiful dumbbells

Off the bandwagon? We didn't even get on!

We wanted to write this for those who haven’t jumped on the January fitness bandwagon or never intended to do so.

Long-term. Boring adaptable long-term – that is what it’s all about and we’re here for it.

Who’s with us?

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