Our favourite workouts to inspire your New Year

We’d like to start this blog by saying that we don’t subscribe to the January diet culture/new you/lose a stone mentality. It just doesn’t sit well with us and we know lots of you agree. There’s a wonderful fresh feeling about January, the chance to refocus on your goals and there’s something we love about that. However, the idea that you need to have ‘the best year ever’, hit crazy fitness goals within 30 days, and only eat undressed salads, is not for us.

We know that a lot of people do tend to think of fitness at this time of year and we hope that this is part of your overall fitness plan. We talk about why fitness is a long-term game here. We, therefore, wanted to do a little round-up of some of our favourite online and in-person workouts to add variety to your movement and to help with finding inner strength.



We’re big fans of female-owned businesses and Amy is one of the most positive, smiley, and flexible people we’ve met! Her online-based membership is packed to the brim with workouts and you can sign up for live classes as well. We are loving the challenges, which stay in the class library and can be accessed at any time. These 21-25 day challenges structure your workouts for you to ensure that you’re getting a balanced and varied mix of sessions. Ranging from 5-45 minutes they feel very achievable to fit into your day.

Good for – those who like a structure and a full plan



We have long been fans of the 1Rebel workouts and over the years that’s not changed. The studios dotted across London offer spin sessions, Reshape (a mix of treadmill and weights) or boxing. Whilst we’ve tried them all we have to say the spin gets us every time. There’s something very addictive about stepping into a dark studio with a club-worthy sound system and a great Spotify playlist. You really can lose yourself in the beat and focus on the encouragement from the instructor. Our version of being truly mindful and a serious cardio and strength workout.

Good for – those wanting a full-on, lose yourself and sweat it out session.



If you haven’t come across this app yet we highly recommend you check it out. So reasonable at £2.99 per month, this app is brimming with content. There are recipes, wellness sessions and a huge amount of workouts. We like that this app has a range from more relaxed yoga sessions, breath work and meditation through to strength, cardio and HIIT sessions.

Good for – those wanting the perfect range at their fingertips, as well as some great recipes. 



We couldn’t not mention Barrecore. We adore these workouts. Low impact with the focus on a range of small, precise movements that have been designed to strengthen and tone. We find these workouts seriously hard and a true challenge (the shake is real!) but incredible. Very satisfying and we always find that we feel impressed with our strength, which you can notice improving after several sessions.

Barrecore gold dumbbells

Good for – those wanting lower impact but still an intense challenge.

We find adding a pair of gold weights helps improve motivation!

We’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve tried any of these workouts as well as any recommendations.

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